My name is Vanessa and I can’t be summarized, but here’s my best shot…

I’m a vivacious Southern California girl who’s a sucker for dresses with pockets and thinks Jesus is the coolest. I can listen to the same song a thousand times over and never get tired of it. I flip through fashion magazines backwards, I put chocolate milk on my cereal and I make my bed every morning. I love witty banter, I drink a lot of Starbucks and I always seem to have the hiccups. I’m not always grammatically correct, I speak from my heart and I write about things that positively influence my everyday experiences.

I’m always up for a girl’s night or a spontaneous adventure, I love binge watching Netflix shows and I’m not above wearing matching outfits with my dog. I enjoy a good time… you know, things like traveling to new places, mimicking the monkeys at the zoo and taking silly pictures with my friends.

I love my life, but it’s a work in progress and that’s a good thing. I want to use the life lessons I’ve learned to help others build self-esteem, carry themselves graciously in social situations, and identify popular fashion trends that can be worn with dignity. I want to inspire people to make small changes that could have big impacts on their lives and the people around them.

So, I started this style and etiquette blog and I’m glad you’re here!