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I know you know what Twitter is, but do you use it? I was pretty apprehensive at first since Facebook already had status updates. Why would I need to join another social media site just to give the world moment to moment updates of my life? It just seemed narcissistic to me, but that was before I really knew what Twitter could be used for.

It turns out that it’s a great place to get breaking news. Not just world wide news, but local news, sports news, fashion news, and celebrity news too! Any interests you have, you’ll get the latest scoop in real time. There are tons of interesting people and companies to follow, it’s easy to find new products and hear about great sales and it’s a great way to stay connected with friends… or even make new friends.

If you’re already on Twitter or just want to see what it’s all about, follow me! I’m STYLEeGRACE and I tweet fashion news.

Keep Your Chin Up

How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World
Book Review: Chapter One


Keep Your Chin Up and Your Skirt Down: Jordan Christy starts this chapter by saying, “Self respect is one of the greatest assets a girl can possess, and yet it’s one of the biggest things we’re lacking these days” and I couldn’t agree more.

I mean, let’s take a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages for a second. How many photos and comments would you have to hide or remove if you knew your parents, boss, or pastor had access to your account? Even if your answer’s one… that’s not good. Sure, you can hide the pictures you don’t want certain people to see, but why post them in the first place?

Many of us have had crazy nights of drinking too much, wearing short skirts, and dancing on tables. Speaking from experience… I think it’s safe to assume that the first words spoken the next morning were, “I. Am. Never. Drinking. Again!” I also think it’s fairly safe to assume that those pictures are on Facebook racking up comments and likes… mainly from guys who love that you’re a “fun girl” and I’ll be the first to admit that it feels good, but judging your self-worth by other people’s opinions or how many social media likes is not good. It’s actually a sign that you’ve lost your self respect. You are so much better than that! Learn the art of living with style, class, and grace… the impact it’ll have on your life will be incredible.

If you need to rebuild your reputation and regain your self respect … start small.

Three Things to Try this Week

1.) Remove the plethora of “selfies” you posted on Instagram and clean up your Facebook page by removing those inappropriate photos, offensive posts, and negative statuses.

2.) Wear your little black dress, but add a pair of black sheer pantyhose.

3.) Stay sober by asking your bartender for a Shirley Temple in a Martini glass instead of a Cosmopolitan… your friends won’t know the difference and you won’t feel left out.

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