I love Instagram!

I (like just about everyone else) am always taking pictures with my phone. Some photos are pointless, some photos are silly, some are inspirational, and some are just so I can remember where I parked my car in the parking garage. I’ve noticed that I’m accidentally documenting my life through my phone and guess what… there’s an app for that! Yup, I’m talking about Instagram.

People use Instagram for all sorts of things. Some use it to promote their businesses while others use it as a personal photo album. I love photography and art, so Instagram has been a really good creative outlet for me. I take all of the pictures I post with my iPhone and I’ve made it a personal challenge to only photos from my perspective. So, you won’t see much of me on Instagram, but you will catch glimpses of the way I experience life.

Speaking of experiencing life…

I’m spending the next few months traveling and crossing things off of my Bucket List. So, if you have an Instagram account then you can follow my adventures. Oh, and feel free to message me with any hidden gems that you think I should visit.

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