iGlam Lipstick StylusI’m a practical joker… I just love to laugh!

I bought this iGlam Lipstick Stylus to use with my iPad because I thought it was cute and clever, but it quickly became one of my favorite practical jokes of all time!

The stylus looks like real lipstick. So much so that one of my friends (who just so happens to be a makeup artist) believed it was real lipstick for a split second. Well, until she tried to test the color on her hand.

That gave me a BRILLIANT idea! I would ask my friends, “Did you know that you can write on the screens of the new iPhones with lipstick and it won’t smear all over the screen?” Without fail they would say, “No way” and then I’d demonstrate by grabbing the lipstick stylus out of my purse and making a large swipe on my iPad. The look of utter confusion and disbelief on their faces was priceless and it always ended with a good laugh after they realized it wasn’t really lipstick.

I should warn you that the last time I pulled this prank was a complete disaster. I pulled it on one of my employees as she was putting on her lipstick after lunch. The prank went as it normally did, but after I swiped my iPad and before I could stop her… she made a HUGE swipe on her brand new iPhone. There was lipstick all over it. I couldn’t believe it!

As I sat there in shock of what just happened another one of my employees handed her a Smashbox lipstick and suggested she try using it instead because “maybe MAC lipstick doesn’t work.” Fast as lightening, she swiped the screen again and made an even bigger mess. I couldn’t move. I just sat there with a ridiculous look on my face and said, “Umm… oh, man… I was kidding, it’s not lipstick and I’m SO sorry!”

Lucky for me, they both started laughing hysterically and wanted to play the prank on some of the others on set in the photo studio. I learned my lesson and don’t play that prank anymore. Now, I just use the stylus in public and giggle to myself while others give me silly looks as they try to make sense of why I’m writing on my iPad with lipstick.

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